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Who are we ?

The Select Nadlan real estate agency has established itself as the benchmark in terms of buying, selling, and managing real estate in Tel Aviv. Our professionalism, recognized by all our customers who have maintained their loyalty to us for many years, is based on a different vision of our profession. Beyond the choice of property and the transaction, it is above all our advice and support in all stages of the acquisition that characterizes our approach:
Indeed, SELECT NADLAN Tel Aviv guides you throughout your real estate transaction in Tel Aviv, from selection to final choice, by advising you on financial, legal and administrative matters, and by making you meet French-speaking service providers (banks, lawyers, insurance companies, etc.).


Brokerage at the heart of our business

Moshe Bouskila, real estate specialist in Tel Aviv for over 15 years, offers our clients remarkable market knowledge. From the north of Tel Aviv, passing by BaselGordonFrishman , up to RothschildNeve Tsedek, or Florentine choose from the wide range of neighborhoods available to you, from the charming foot -on land, investment or real crush, up to the ultra-modern Penthouse with sea view! This is why entrusting your investment to Select Nadlan Tel Aviv means ensuring the success of your transaction but it is also the guarantee of enhancing the value of your property on the long term.
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A philosophy of service and action

At SELECT NADLAN, each of our clients around the world is unique and deserves an exclusive service, adapted to their desires whatever their complexities.


This requires unparalleled availability and responsiveness on our part as well as the total involvement of each of your contacts in the success of your real estate transaction. It is this taste for challenge that distinguishes SELECT NADLAN and gives us the means every day to respond to your requests.


If you find yourself in this process, do not hesitate any longer and contact SELECT NADLAN Tel Aviv in order to carry out the most beautiful operation and the most beautiful gift: a home at home, in Tel Aviv or another city!


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